FM APP. Valves
The FM Approvals certification mark is intended to verify that the products and service described will meet FM Approvals stated conditions of performance, safety and quality useful to the ends of property conservation. The purpose of Approval Standards is to present the criteria for FM Approval of various types of products and services, as guidance for FM Approvals personnel, manufactures, users and authorities having jurisdiction. Products submitted for certification by FM Approvals shall demonstrate that they meet the intent of the Approval Standard, and that quality control in manufacturing shall ensure a consistently uniform and reliable product. Approval Standards strive to be performance-oriented. They are intended to facilitate technological development.
Nibco OS & Y Resilient Gate Valve
Nibco OS & Y Solid Wedge Gate Valve
Nibco horizontal Swing Check Valve
Nibco Spring Actuated Check Valve
Nibco Non Rising Gate Valve
Nibco Iron Body Swing Check Valve
Nibco Non Rising Solid Wedge Gate Valve
Nibco Non Rising Resilient Wedge Gate Valve
Nibco Non Rising Resilient Wedge Gate Valve
Nibco Butterfly Valve
Nibco Grooved Silent Check Valve
Nibco Bronze Check Valve
Nibco Bronze Ball Valve
Nibco Check Valves
Nibco PSI Butterfly Valves
Nibco Monitored Butterfly Valves
Nibco Indicator Posts
Nibco Indicator Posts
Nibco Bronze Gate Valves
Nibco Bronze Ring Check Valve
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